ACS Doha Exam Results 2023

ACS Doha is pleased to share our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) results for class of 2023.

We are incredibly proud of all our students. They have excelled not only academically, but also developed as well-rounded, responsible global citizens who leave us with the skills they need to make good decisions, ready for whatever challenges and opportunities they may face in the future.


I am thrilled to announce the great results achieved by our students in the 2023 exams. these outcomes reflect not only their hard work and dedication but also the embodiment of our school's philosophy and values.
Rob Cody, Head Of School 2017-2023

ACS DOHA 2023 IBDP Exam Results

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ACS Doha Graduate Success Stories

We have shared some amazing success stories from our graduate class of 2023, find out the career pathways our students have chosen as a result of the ACS curriculum.

Zina Al Obaidi

Zina Al Obaidi’s success story at ACS International School Doha is truly inspiring. Despite facing numerous challenges, including moving to a new country, adapting to a new school, and navigating a rigorous IBDP curriculum during a pandemic, Zina demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination.

Throughout her ACS journey, Zina encountered moments of stress and contemplation, but her critical thinking skills and perseverance drove her to complete the full IBDP. With unwavering dedication, Zina maintained close connections with her loved ones, prioritized her well-being, and formed meaningful friendships.

Her hard work paid off as she received multiple offers from prestigious medical schools. We are immensely proud of Zina’s decision to embark on a unique medical education journey at The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland University (RCSI) in partnership with University College Dublin (UCD) in Malaysia. This transnational training opportunity will expose her to experts from around the globe and equip her with invaluable skills for her future career as a doctor. We congratulate Zina on her achievements and thank her for her time and dedication at ACS Doha.

Amira Jafri

Amira Jafri’s journey at ACS International School Doha is a testament to her strong character and deep-rooted values. Throughout her years at ACS, Amira has demonstrated immense respect and love for her family and culture, drawing inspiration from the stories of survival and success passed down by her elders. As an international IBDP graduate, Amira’s commitment to giving back to others and her community shines through. Her wisdom and maturity have guided her path at ACS, and she approaches the next chapter of her life with grace.

While receiving numerous university offers in both Canada and the US, Amira patiently awaited her top choice and was successfully admitted to the Life Sciences Gateway Program at McMaster University in Canada. We congratulate Amira on her achievements and extend our gratitude for her invaluable contributions to ACS Doha.

Kassandra Barajas

Kassandra Barajas’s remarkable success story at ACS International School Doha is truly commendable. We are thrilled to congratulate her on receiving multiple offers from prestigious universities, including KU Leuven in Belgium, the University of Surrey in the UK, and Suffolk University in Spain. Kassandra’s unwavering determination and perseverance throughout the demanding IBDP program are truly inspiring. In addition to her academic achievements, Kassandra has been actively involved in extracurricular activities, demonstrating her commitment to ACS and her peers. Her leadership qualities and mature self-awareness have made a lasting impact on our school community.

As she embarks on her journey as a powerful and ethical businesswoman, we are confident that Kassandra will excel wherever she chooses to pursue her higher education. We express our gratitude for her invaluable contributions and dedication to ACS Doha.

Zoe Palm

Zoe Palm’s success story at ACS International School Doha is a testament to the creative possibilities within our academic pathways and the importance of flexibility. As a smart, independent, and critical thinker, Zoe recognized the opportunity to pursue the full IBDP curriculum while prioritizing a balanced approach to her work and self-care.

With a deep understanding of her strengths, Zoe strategically selected higher-level, standard-level, and high school classes in her senior years, ensuring both university opportunities and personal well-being. This path aligns perfectly with Zoe’s aspiration to study and work in the field of social work. Her honesty, kindness, intelligence, ethics, maturity, and integrity have equipped her with the resilience to overcome challenges and personal hurdles. We congratulate Zoe on her outstanding achievements and commend her for being an exceptional human being.

Abdur-Rahman Jones

Abdur-Rahman Jones, your journey at ACS International School Doha is a true success story, and we congratulate you on your achievements. From the very beginning, you and your family have been an integral part of our school community, contributing so much. Throughout high school, you have displayed remarkable maturity, respect, and grace, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you’ve encountered.

Your authentic character and genuine care for others speak volumes about who you are as a person. Your greatest strength lies in your ability to self-reflect and navigate challenges with unwavering ethics. Always remember that you possess incredible intelligence, compassion, kindness, and respect. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. We are thrilled to see you secure a spot at Delaware Valley University, pursuing your passion for Biology – Zoology. As you embark on this new chapter, we wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.

ACS Doha 2023 Graduation Video:

ACS Doha High School Graduation is the highlight of the school year and marks the end of a very intense period of studying toward final exams and university and college entrances. This glorious occasion, held at ACS Doha’s landmark campus is enjoyed by all who contribute towards each student’s success: parents, teachers, school leaders and the students themselves. It is an emotional, joyful and wonderful occasion never to be forgotten.