Beyond the classroom, our high-quality facilities include:

  • 25-metre swimming pool and learners pool
  • All-weather athletics track
  • Fitness suite
  • Wellness and warrior studios
  • New generation artificial football pitch
  • Drama studios and music practice rooms
  • High-tech theatre
  • Maker spaces
  • Sports café
  • Outdoor terraces

Landscaping and natural planting also plays an important role, providing a welcoming environment for reflection and play for all age groups.

We are incredibly proud of our new building, which sets a new benchmark for international schools and will adapt with our community over time, providing a fitting environment ready for the new thinkers our world needs.

A Landmark Campus Designed For Learning

The construction of our new ground breaking campus presented the opportunity to create something truly special ready for needs of our community and ready for Qatar’s bright future.

In developing the design of the building, we sought to create a truly bespoke education building that has been considered and designed from the inside out, which meets the needs of inquisitive and motivated learners.

The new campus presents a strong contemporary landmark to meet the aspirations and ambitions of students and staff alike. The shift in design is a move away from traditional institutional layout model, to an active, inclusive and practical approach to facilitate rigorous learning.

There are four key design principles at the heart of the new school: natural light, fresh air, functional spaces and good acoustics. These elements combine to provide a learning environment to boost your child’s cognitive performance.

The way the internal circulation has been designed enhances the connectivity of learning spaces, allowing alignment with the our approach to learning. It also promotes a culture of creativity, diversity, engagement and collaboration with a strong sense of community – all great things are valued by parents, students and staff alike.

Other design elements include a nuanced colour palette to allow students to bring their work to life in the spaces. The selection of furniture has been carefully considered, providing agile learning spaces for group work or individual study.

Explore our new ACS DOHA Campus