Middle School Curriculum

The ACS Middle School curriculum is based on the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and focuses on developing young people through holistic learning, effective communication and global-mindedness.

Subjects to expect:

  • Language and literature (English)
  • Language acquisition (French or Spanish)
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (incorporating all scientific disciplines)
  • Individuals and societies (incorporating history and geography)
  • Arts (drama, music and the visual arts)
  • Design (incorporating product and digital design)
  • Physical and health education

In addition:

Wellbeing Studies Service as Action Personal Project
  • Students in each grade participate in these studies as part of an advisory programme
  • Grade 9 & 10 students also complete a course of study skills each year.
  • Integral part of learning the MYP
  • Students complete an Advisory Service Project each year
  • Students also participate in service activities on an individual basis.
  • Students in Grade 10 complete a project in their final year
  • This is where students apply what they have learnt into a globally significant topic of interest.


IB MYP Certificate

At the end of Grade 10, the MYP certificate requires students to successfully complete a two-hour on-screen examination in four subjects.

Students will undertake interdisciplinary learning and submit ePortfolios in language acquisition and either design, arts or physical and health education.

They will also complete an externally moderated personal project, and meet learning objectives for service as action.

The result is an internationally-recognised celebration of achievement, to support university admissions.

Language Acquisition

Students in Middle School are offered the choice to study French, Spanish or Arabic.

Learners have the opportunity to choose a language pathway according to their proficiency level of the target language and their specific interest

Languages are offered at different levels:

  • Emergent (beginner)
  • Capable (intermediate)
  • Proficient (advanced)

Students increase their level of knowledge of the target language by:

  • Developing receptive skills
  • Enhancing productive skills
  • Becoming more aware of their role as an international community.