Sowmiya Kasthuri​

Sowmiya Kasthuri has been leading the Admission teams in Qatar for more than 12 years now, she was the founding Head of Admissions and enrollment in Qatar Aeronautical College prior to ACS Doha. Having a Masters in Enrollment Management and also a Masters in Marketing Management supports her role in student recruitment, student retention, and student success. Sowmiya has lived in Qatar for more than 20 years which translates in the manner in which she appreciates the local culture, diversity, and embraces the practices of the region. The most appreciated part of her role is the experiences with the new families and watching their journey in the school which gives immense gratification according to her. Whether a family stays with the school for a year or more, their time with ACS Doha becomes truly a memorable one which begins with her team which is a solid first step in forming these memories.