Ester-Leigh Rawson

Ester-Leigh was born in Zimbabwe and raised in the United States, where she gained her university degree and teaching certification, Mrs Rawson believes her international background helps her identify with the culturally diverse community at ACS Doha.

Her passion for teaching the 3 to 6-year-old age group – for “making connections with young minds” – has led her to develop strategies to protect the wellbeing of early learners and encourage them to take ownership of their own progress, not least in remote home-learning times.

“First and foremost, we establish a sense of belonging,” says Mrs Rawson, “using regular routines, like inventing new ways to greet each other in a socially distanced way. Some of our Zoom sessions are integrated experiences – with a librarian, PE teacher and art teacher working together to stimulate mind, body and soul.”

Mrs Rawson says: “Early-years teaching is all about helping children with self-expression and giving them confidence to be who they are.”